Original Cin by Elle Rease
Cinnia has tried to forget about her upbringing, the Raptors Motorcycle Club and, most importantly, Brennan Drummond, for the last five years. So, when her past comes knocking, she hopes it'll get bored and go away. However Brennan, the love of her life, won't take no for an answer this time. The infuriatingly sexy, pierced and tattooed Vice-President of the MC is the bearer of bad news and, thanks to intense chemistry, she gives in and goes home... To a club that no longer wants her and a family that's reluctant to trust her. She's never been one to back down from a challenge first, and she's determined to make Brennan proud by becoming a worthy old lady. While she adjusts to her new role in the club, a stalker watches her every move, waiting for the most opportune moment to strike. Just how much danger is Cinnia in? * * * This is the first installment in the Raptors MC series * * *
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