Brave For You by Crystal Lacy
Construction foreman Nate is single dad to a baby boy. Andrew Hoang is the pediatrician who lives in Nate's new apartment building. When they meet, neither is able to resist the other's pull. They find themselves spending more and more time together despite being too afraid to move forward into foreign territory. Will they find the bravery inside them? Less than a year after moving to Hawaii, Nathan Ellison’s wife leaves him for another man. He is left with their infant son and no clue how to raise a baby on his own. A couple of months into single-fatherhood, Nate meets Andrew Hoang, a pediatrician who lives in his building. Nathan is slowly drawn into An’s life and finds himself finally enjoying his new home in paradise. Binh An Hoang doesn’t remember the last time he’s had a real relationship. As a doctor with his own pediatrics practice and surrogate-parent to his 5-year-old niece, he hasn’t had the head-space for more than a roll in the sack in years. Then he takes over for his friend’s appointments at the pediatrics clinic for a day and meets Neil Ellison and his father Nate—who just happens to be the gorgeous construction worker he encountered in his apartment building’s lobby. Something about Nate makes it impossible for An to forget him. When Nate needs An’s help with his son, An doesn’t refuse. What happens when Nate’s past and An’s old-fashioned parents interfere just as the two men begin to fall for each other?
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