Master of Bliss (The Club Bliss Series) by Holly J Martin
What would you do if your neighbor and current sex fantasy walked into your place of work and asked you for help? That is exactly what happened to pediatrician Doctor Zansi Patel. Her neighbor turned out to be sexy Flynn Steele, and his problem turned out to be a colicky baby. Zansi learned that Flynn's sister had died leaving him as his newborn nieces only next of kin. Flynn didn't have a problem with that at all, it was the Department of Health and Human Services that had a problem with Flynn's employment. He happened to own the most exclusive S&M club in Seattle. Flynn knew it was crazy to even think it, let alone suggest that he and the gorgeous baby doctor get married to help with the adoption. But what would you do to keep a child? He would do anything for his niece, the only family he had left. Flynn shouldn't have been surprised the breathtaking Dr. Zansi Patel agreed to his crazy plan. She was the sweetest, most giving person he had ever met. What he was surprised about however, was her interest in joining his sex club, Club Bliss. Did he want to play with Zansi in a chamber? Desperately. What worried Flynn was how he was going to let Zansi walk out of his life when the adoption was final?
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