His Desire by xMishx
Life should be easy for Nathaniel Dremain. He's the first born grandchild of the devil, he's the long-awaited child of Brannon and Emily. Nate knows that all their hopes and dreams begin and end with the child they spent sixteen years waiting for. Except, Nate's hiding a secret. Fearing the loss of his family, the love that they give and everything that being a member of the devil's family has to offer, Nate is reluctant to tell them. He hides the truth rather than destroying the world he lives in. The more he refuses to acknowledge the truth, the more Nate suffers. But the newcomer at school changes everything. Charlie is everything that Nate wants. Nate craves more from Charlie but accepts that friendship is all he's going to get. That is until Charlie realizes the truth about Nate. Exposed, Nate fears the worst. He doesn't want to lose Charlie but knows that nothing he can do will save the friendship. Every little fear that Nate's had will surface, exploding into a mess of emotions that he may never recover from. Nate knows that his secret will now be his undoing and everything that he's ever cherished will be lost. **Book 5 in the Devil's Descendants Series**
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