Owned by the Mountain Man by Mia Brody
“You just tried to steal from the big, bad wolf, little girl.” 🐺🐺🐺 I wasn't breaking and entering. I was on my way to grandma's house. That's the honest truth. The fact that I'm dressed like a cat burglar should be of no importance to anyone. Not even the hot mountain man whose cabin I accidentally stumbled into. The coming snowstorm is unexpected...so is the citizen's arrest. The problem is I've never wanted to let anyone search me so badly. This mountain man might be gruff and grumpy, but he's welcome to handcuff me anytime. If you love a grumpy alpha male who falls hard and loves his curvy woman fiercely, it’s time to meet Nash in Owned by the Mountain Man. Courage County mountain men love curves! These flannel-wearing, wood-cutting lumberjack men are gruff and grumpy. But underneath it all, they have hearts of gold just waiting to be uncovered by the curvy women they claim. Cuddle up with these sexy new book boyfriends from Mia Brody today! Content Warning: This story features themes of foster care. But Nash is a sexy mountain man who will love his woman through it all.
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