His Runaway Lioness by Mina Carter
He can't shift, she can't control hers... Half-lioness Renae Brogan is a cat on the run. Leaving her bullying ex meant leaving her pride or losing her life. Now she's hiding out in Devil's Gap, Tennessee, with a new name and a new look. Pity she can't do anything about her inability to control her chaotic shifts. But nobody's perfect... Hale Roark is a warlock with a muddy bloodline and a weather specialty. Some shifter blood way back when means he can't bond with a familiar and unlock his true magic potential but no worries, he's plenty powerful without one. Bounty-hunting runaway weres is a good living, and the fact that he's as mean as sin is an added bonus. Until he's hired to find one wayward lioness and tracks her down to Deal's gap. It should be an easy job. Track the lioness and deliver her back to her pride for them to deal with, no questions asked. Until he finds her. Then he skips straight to the answers. One, She's beautiful... Two, She's his familiar... Three, He'll change the rules of magic itself to make her his.
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