Tech King Ceo Collection by AlexandriaAshcroft
David Burnham loves giving to and supporting noble causes that mean a lot to him. He doesn’t understand why he needs to go to the god awful Galas and fundraisers in order to do so. Despite encouragement from his gregarious, socially flourishing best friend Lex telling him that he needs to get out and have his face and name be known, David is perfectly okay with people knowing his products instead. Forced into attending a Gala because he's hosting it, he enlists the help of a beautiful, enticing, high-end escort to help him navigate the shark infested waters of the city’s elite. Vivica Han is the perfect lady to have on any powerful man’s arm. The full time college professor plays arm-candy to men with means for high-end social events on a part-time basis and has done so for years. Such an intimate role often stirs up feelings in the men she escorts, but she likes to keep it strictly business. From the moment she lays eyes on him at that bar, the socially awkward tech genius, David Burnham, was more than just business. She’s never been with anyone, escorting or not, who is so attentive to her needs and has a genuine curiosity toward her. Not mixing business and pleasure is a strict rule that wisdom and experience tells her to hold fast to. What might happen if he is no longer business but only pleasure?
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