Alpha Hunter by Coyote Starr
Kill the monsters. Don’t fall in love with them. And definitely don’t have their babies. Ethan spent his whole life training to hunt down and eliminate the deviant, all-male wolf-shifter packs—the ones made up of the Alphas whose ability to magically impregnate other males threatens the very fabric of shifter society. Then an encounter with one man changes everything—especially when Ethan finds himself pregnant. If Ethan is himself a fertile Omega, then Jamal isn't really a fiend, and everything Ethan believes might be wrong. And the more time Ethan spends with Jamal, the more he's beginning to think that maybe this baby is meant to be. Assuming they can live long enough for Ethan to give birth—and to bring about peace among the shifter packs. Love the Alphas. Protect the Omegas. Save the babies. Get Book 1 of the hot new Alpha Hunter Series! M/M Shifter Alpha/Omega Interracial MPREG with an HEA!
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