The Vampire Warrior's Unwanted Mate by Mina Carter
Tessa wanted a weekend of peace, rest and relaxation. And some ice-cream. House-sitting for her sister had some advantages… namely sole ownership of the tv remote and a power-shower to die for. Settling in to binge-watch her favourite films and not emerge for the entire weekend, Tessa’s plans are interrupted by the arrival of a hot as hell guy on her doorstep. Just three problems… he’s a vampire. He has a baby. And now someone’s trying to kill them all. Feral doesn’t do babies. Or pixies. So when someone dumps a pixie baby of all things on his doorstep, he does the only thing he can think of…he tries to palm it off on someone else. Unfortunately his neighbor is out of town, leaving her sister, Tessa, to house-sit. Her single and disturbingly attractive sister. Which leaves Feral with a couple of problems, especially when a bunch of pixie ninja wannabes break into the place and try to steal the baby. And that's just the start... When a desperate race through the darker parts of fae leads to a dangerous enemy who could end the world as they know it, will he turn his back on the pixies, a race he’s always hated… or will Tessa cast her own spell on the strong, silent-type Kyn Warrior?
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