BLOODLINE by Holly J Martin
What would you do if you suddenly found out you had a younger brother? That is what happened to Spenser Darling, an aspiring journalist at the elite magazine, “Metro Woman” after she sent in a sample of her DNA as a lark. After growing up an only child on a remote island off the Coast of Maine, Spenser was over the moon about her newfound brother and had every intention of getting to know him. Excitedly, Spenser made plans to spend a couple of weeks with her brother in his home state of Montana. Then her boss got wind of her plans, and everything went south. Spenser’s boss insisted she complete an assignment while taking a working vacation in Montana. Her assignment: get any dirt she could on the sexy billionaire heir and newly crowned CEO of King Industries, Wyatt King. The focus of her assignment just conveniently happened to be staying at the King Cattle Ranch close to her brother’s childhood home in Montana. The only fly in the ointment (and it was a big fly) was what happened when she met her assignment, the elusive, gruff, but nevertheless drop-dead gorgeous billionaire, Wyatt King. Sparks flew, but initially not the good kind. Those were to come…..
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