Paris – The distance between Cuba and London. London has always been the odd one out of the family. Granted she has her parent’s smarts, she’s just always chosen to do things differently to her family, but they love her all the more for standing up for what she believes in. A trip to Europe for one sends her on an adventure she didn’t expect, but one she wouldn’t trade for anything. In Paris, she meets a dying old man who she agrees to take care of for his last days as he is a dear friend of her fathers. She comes to care greatly for him, and is saddened when he dies. She had no idea that that is when she would truly begin to live. Cuba is a wreck of a man whose irresponsible ways threaten the legacy of the Diaz name. His grandfather has tried to speak to him, but he just won’t listen, so when he gets taken care of by a kind and spirited young woman, he knows what he must do. He calls upon Cuba to immediately come and see him in Paris. On her last night out in Paris, her last destination before heading back home, London does what the old man told her to do and lives it up to the fullest, including a one night stand. Having missed his grandfather’s funeral, Cuba heads out into the Paris streets to drown the sorrows of losing his grandfather and ends up having a one night stand with a beautiful woman. The last thing she expected was to see him at her doorstep three months later. The last thing he expected was to find out that he has to marry his pregnant one night stand to gain his inheritance. The last thing either of them expected was for love to be on the cards.
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