The Arrangement by Rachel
April won't be silent anymore. Lucas won't be a pawn. Perhaps they can come to an arrangement to benefit them both. April Briar has spent her life being silent. She was silent when her parents spent her college tuition on her younger brother's specialty school. She was silent when her father crushed her dreams of owning a flower shop. She was even silent when her family told her she'd never be ready to live on her own again. Now, her family wants to settle a family debt by having her marry a man she's never met. April doesn't know how much longer she can be silent. Lucas Greenwood thought he was done with his vicious family. His dues had been paid when he helped legitimize the family businesses. He'd wiped their slates clean while gaining his own scars and marks. Life was finally peaceful at the small but thriving architecture firm he and his late best friend had built. But, like always, the wolf pack he called family pulled him back in, claiming they need him to settle a family debt. However, Luke isn't sure he likes the way they'd like him to settle it.
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