The Bosses Omega by Mina Carter
No woman wants the attention of an alpha. Huge, brutal, dominant... They take what they want, no matter who, or what, it is. And now I have two focused on making me theirs. “…just one dose of Representine could change your life forever! Become the alpha you’ve always wanted to be. Enjoy life to the full at the top of the food chain and have men and women falling at your feet!” Representine. That drug changed my life. The instant my ex became an alpha, I was gone, thrown out on the street with nothing but the clothes on my back… and a small amount of savings I’d hidden away. But living costs money and with those funds dwindling quickly, I need a job and fast… I’ll take anything. I really am that desperate. I just didn’t expect it to be for Mason and Dante. The two young and handsome alphas have haunted my dreams for years. Now I’m at their beck and call…
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