The Aphrodite Rulebook
Their attraction was instant, and if there’s one thing that they both believe in, it’s trusting their gut to take them through their rapid relationship – except they don’t really know each other. Mikhail knows that she has the potential to shatter his world. Aphrodite knows that he has the potential to be her saviour. If she lets him in that is. Mikhail is an open book to her, despite the rumours that he’s a cold criminal. She doesn’t believe the rumours, but she’s spent so long building her defences, that Mikhail has no choice but to be patient with her while she slowly but surely softens his stony heart. They both want to believe in the relationship, so they take chances with or without the approval of those in their lives. It’s a whirlwind from the moment Mikhail decides that he can no longer be without her. Enter Aphrodite’s Rulebook. His intent is to give her rules to living a better life, while helping her do so on the financial and romantic side of things and introducing her to a whole new world - except he very quickly learns that she has some things to teach him too. He taught her how to live. She taught him how to love. The question is, will they live and love together? *** WARNING: This story moves at a quick pace.
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