Frankincense City [Vol. 3] by CSW1995
Ariel gets tricked into Andromeda; a city full of 3 million human mutants with 0.05% wolf DNA. They’re all off the grid from the 3 other Desolate cities of the Earth. Andromeda is a strict place, governed by Earnest Winter and patrolled by Four Zenith Alphas; w/ 3.9% Alpha DNA. Ariel needs to work out how the hell to survive, especially when she finds out the only reason she was brought to the wolf-hybrid city was simply to be a chew toy for the Zenith Patrol; Wade, Irving, Micha and Terrell. Ariel may be able to evade them for a time, and may even work out how to escape back home, but she’s a curious leopard-human hybrid, and everyone knows curiosity killed the cat. 'ANDROMEDA' is the Official Prequel to 'DIAMONDS IN THE DARK'
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