Between the Ropes by Loretta Kendall
Isis Evans enters the family business with her wrestling superstar cousins, the Doom Brothers. Paired with the biggest wrestling faction and long-time crush, Gage Stone, she struggles to submit to the alpha male of the Justice faction. She soon discovers being the new girl at International Wrestling Xtream isn’t what she expected when Gage tries to control her. Her curiosity gets the best of her as she learns her handsome tormentor has a secret that could fulfill her desire for following rules. Gage has private desires led by ego and commitment issues stemming from a failed marriage that could threaten his future and a chance at love. While Isis struggles with admitting her desire to be dominated, Gage has plans to make her his submissive. She finds that their battle of wills may have a deeper meaning for both of them. Isis must choose between love and submission if she wants to have a life with Gage she had always dreamed of.
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