Saving the Music by Rachel
Amelia Russo lives for the soccer season. With her widower father as the soccer coach, it's a 24/7 lifestyle. The high school team is about to enter their season chasing a 4th State Championship title, and Mia is certain it rests on her shoulders. Add on Senioritis and a brutal class schedule, Mia's stress is threatening to push her over the edge. Her father's mantra of "calm and focused" no longer resonates as she finds her grades suffering. Mia believes her troubles start and end with her Choir class and the outcast, Max Sparks. Max may be a superstar in the Choir room, but rumors float through the halls as to why he's so aloof and quiet. When Max takes a strange interest in Mia's disconnect to music, Mia takes a strange interest in Max's multihued personality. Will Mia connect to her vibrant self or will the music fall flat?
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