Banshee Cry by JenKatemi
A banshee without a voice is damn near useless, right? I should know. I am one. At least, I'm half-banshee, and I'm guessing it's my human half who failed my dad all those years ago, when the vamps came and tore him apart. I tried to call a warning, to sing of death in the way of my kind. But no one heard my broken four-year-old voice. Now all these years later, there's a vamp on my front doorstep, begging for help. And despite the fact that he's the sexiest thing I've ever laid eyes on and his blood sings to mine in a way I've never experienced, I remember the past. And all I want to do is stake him. Right through his cold, dead heart. But he's asking for my assistance in ridding the world of a supernatural curse. If we don't work together, this unsuspecting world and everything I know and love could be gone. Destroyed, just like my father. And this time, I'm not going to let that happen. This time, I'll do anything to be heard, even without a banshee cry. This time, I'll need to climb into bed with my enemy. BANSHEE CRY is the first in Jen Katemi's brand-new BLOOD FAE CHRONICLES paranormal romance series. Each book features one of three hybrid banshee-human sisters, vampires, shifters, witches and other creatures of the fae realm. The series is set in a world full of magical realism and steamy desire, and each story delivers it's own happy-ever-after ending.
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