Revere Me: Fleeing from the Fae King by MovetheStars
Brecc: I’ve waited an eon to find you. You, my bride, the other half to my soul. But I noticed you too late, the annual fete that was supposed to bring us together not your time to shine. My need for you threatens us all… Nonetheless, I will have you. The world is meaningless without you. Love me. Bow to me. Revere me. Edony: I was supposed to be safe. My years as an eligible maiden were behind me, so no fae should have sought my hand at the Fae King’s Fete. Yet you caught me breaking the rules, and my fate rested in your hands. Instead of banishing me to the labyrinth of madness surrounding your castle, you vowed to let the world crumble to have me at your side. But I won’t let you sacrifice everyone I care for—everyone in your kingdom—for me. To escape you, I’ll go willingly into the maze. I’ll keep running so you never find me. You will never break me. I will never yield to your desires. Even though I crave you. Even though when I close my eyes, all I see is your face. Revere Me is a steamy fantasy romance with scorching romantic tension. This episodic novel reads as a dark fairy tale in the vein of Beauty and the Beast.
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