Black Rose
Rose Kidman is what people refer to as nice, naive, too kind, too trusting and basically a doormat, but she finds nothing wrong with that. Of course it doesn’t help to have people constantly telling her that she’s going to end up in trouble because of these traits, but she still chooses to be who she is. After doing something even she knows was a colossal mistake, she decides that perhaps it’s time to leave behind her life in Denver. An opportunity meets her on a flight and before she knows it, she’s established a life in San Francisco. She loves teaching children, but she never saw home school teaching as an option, until she meets Grace Black. The little girl is shunned from society because of the supposed sins of her father, something that strikes a chord with Rose. It doesn’t take her long to form a connection with the little girl, and she makes a promise that she won’t do any research on her father, Olivier Black. Despite the warnings against associating with Grace, Rose gets even closer to the girl. Until she meets Olivier. The man is obsessed with giving her black roses, and as much as she tries to deny it, there’s something about him that rattles her very existence. She chooses to trust what she is told only by him and follows her heart. Soon she finds herself in a whirlwind of a life she never dreamed to live. But, has her trust gone too far this time? Can she live with everything she ends up finding out?
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