Bodyguard by Lili Grouse
When college student slash escort Madison witnesses a murder, she becomes fair game for the rich and powerful that have everything to gain from shutting her up permanently. Not trusting his own agency to protect his witness, the agent in charge brings in a professional bodyguard. Madison is forced to assume a new identity to evade those who want her dead. Part of that identity? A bodyguard acting as her husband. Jason has been working in personal protection for quite some time, and accepting the job of protecting some ditzy college kid is just another stepping stone in his career. However, living in close quarters with a woman he is assigned to protect 24-7 is not as simple as he thought. Madison both infuriates and entices him and he finds it harder and harder to resist her as the assassins after her close in on them. Content Warning: Adult situations, violence, sexual content, traumatic events.
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