Blackmailed by the Billionaire Werewolf by Mina Carter
Eva is screwed. Maybe. Okay, definitely. And in a bad, not a good, way. Her trouble-magnet little brother has gone and gotten involved with vampires...and the deal's gone bad. Now he owes them and their repayment plan involves dead bodies rather than monthly payments. She has no choice but to approach the last person she ever wanted to for help. Alex. He's a billionaire. Hot, ripped, wealthy... Oh, yeah, and an alpha werewolf. There's just one problem. Alex Kingwood does nothing without a price... One weekend, that's all he'd thought he needed. Now a lifetime won't be enough... Alex has Eva, the woman he's lusted after for years. Sex. That's what he'd told himself was what he needed. He'd get her own from under his skin and get rid of her. But when someone else has issues with their arrangement, Alex makes the hardest choice of his life. Save her, kill her, or condemn her to a fate worse than death? 
If she's not a wolf, she can't be his... Biting Eva to save her life was a mistake Alex can't regret, but pack law states he has to let her go if her wolf doesn't manifest. But when Eva's wolf seems non-existent, he should distance himself from her and send her away, but he can't. Add in a deal he doesn't want to make with the local vampires, and Alex is ready to cut loose and deal with some issues with his claws and teeth... But pack law rules absolute and a challenge is issued that could destroy their future before it begins...
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