White Hot by Alice Black
A detective explores her darker passions with an angelic submissive and a demonic Dom. FIRST EPISODE COMING SOON! SUBSCRIBE NOW TO GET NOTIFIED! "Alice's stories are darkly romantic, powerfully feminist, and edgy as fuck." ~ Reviewer WARNING: May contain foul language, violent action scenes, hot as hell sex, bondage, spanking, Dommes as well as Doms, submissive men who crawl to their lovers, sexuality/genders/intimacy/love of every kind, explicit and enthusiastic consent, and lots of happy endings. Mature readers only! My promise to my readers is that my stories will NEVER have "on screen" sexual abuse or rape of any kind, animal cruelty, child abuse, incest, pedophilia, or torture. Yes, I write dark, dirty stories, but I also know my hard limits. You should, too. :)
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