Raven's Wing Trilogy by Ebony_Olson
A witch-born mute, Sassabel Wythe is unwanted and cursed. Just when Sassabel thought she'd finally found happiness, it was taken from her in the worst way. Moving back to her birth town of Raven's Wing, Sassabel hopes to gain her independence and find her way free of the witch who cursed her. Ryan Adair was cursed the same night as his parent's murder. Now, the alpha of the Mac Tire, he's done his best to distance himself from the woman who cursed him into her pack and her harem. From the moment he see's the new girl on the beach, he is drawn to her like no woman before. He could be dangerous to her, but finding out why she was cursed could destroy them. Sidell has lived centuries. The moment he meets Sassabel he starts rewinding his age so he can get close to her. The girl is full of secrets, and as he slowly unravels them, he realises there is only one person who can save her, but no one knows who it is. The evil of his past might be the salvation of her future, but her love will be his destruction. Three cursed souls. Will they bridge the obstacles between them, or will their love start a war that ends them all?
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