ALL ABOUT MEEE!!! • My actual name is Mia, not Maya - Lame story on where the name "Maya Apples" came from: when I don't want to give away my real name I tell people it's Maya because they're similar. As for the apples part, I was at Whole Foods when I made this account and there was a poster on the wall with pictures of apples on it. True story but incredibly lame so I've never really shared it with anyone... • I'm a senior in high school (can't wait for college!!!) • Other than writing I don't have any other real hobbies unless you count binging Netflix • Currently taken by too many celebrities to count • TVD!!!!! Delena forever ♡ "Why choose one Salvatore brother when you can have both?" • I love reading, but let's face it, romance stories are the best stories * If you'd like to use something from one of my books just ask. I might say yes, I might say no, but please ask before taking anything. * And since I still need to edit, I'm not looking to translate any of them just yet. * I might not update too often... my plan is to edit all of the chapters before posting them and that takes time. I do have the unedited version on wattpad if you can't wait though.
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