Honeytrap (Aidan Falls series, #2) by Chris Marie Green
Secrets, Lies, and Heartaches… When Shelby Carson suspected her college football star boyfriend of cheating on her, she put him in his place, earning herself a spot as the most hated girl in Aidan Falls. Now, after the ugly fallout, she’s home for the summer, and all she wants to do is get back to being the nice, normal girl she once was. So when she meets a new bad boy in town who also wronged her ex-boyfriend, she tries to stay as far away from trouble as possible. But he’s got other, hotter plans for her… This novel was previously released by my “other” pen name, Crystal Green. There’s a prequel that comes before it, "Sweet Secrets," and it’s then followed by the final book in the Aidan Falls series, SUGARBABY. (Coming to Radish after HONEYTRAP wraps up!).
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