Fighter's Fake Out by Alexa Rivers
He’s wanted her for years. She’s never thought of him as anything but a teammate. When they pretend to be dating, will things heat up for real? All I’ve ever wanted is to be a champion female fighter, but I keep falling short. I have one last chance at redemption and need to focus all of my energy on it. Unfortunately, my sister is getting married and my crazy family are planning to set me up on a series of blind dates. The last thing I need is a guy distracting me from my big fight. The solution? I’ll take fellow MMA fighter Jimmy Parker as my fake boyfriend to ward off any would-be suitors. The problem is, the more time I spend with Jimmy, the more I see through his cocky persona to the strong, big-hearted man beneath. Then an accidental shower interruption forces me to face the truth: I want him. But can our fake-relationship-turned-real survive my busy career and the wounds left by Jimmy’s painful past?
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