What's Your Username? by Xandra
No roots: That's her one motto. Leaving behind her life after junior college, Sammi Daniels moves to San Francisco to continue at a university far from home and far from any roots. The pace of the city, the readings for her literature courses, and her new roommate, Faith, keep her life busy. She's content for the time, until Faith introduces her to Four Deer - a gamer YouTube channel based in the city that hooks Sammi with the first look at one of the YouTubers - Ethan. Beginning as a harmless interest, her obsession with the channel, and more specifically, Ethan, grows over the course of the semester, leaking into her school life when one of her classmates notices and takes it upon himself to show her life on the other side of the camera. But along with the geeky YouTube gamer comes the threat of roots.
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