My Nemesis by Lauren_Palphreyman
"Life would be so dull without you, dear nemesis." A supervillain who doesn't really want to destroy the world. A superhero who would like to watch the world burn. Together they've been caught in the fight between good and evil for half a decade. The problem is, it's easy to develop unwanted feelings when you spend so much time throwing each other around. To make things even more complicated, the company sponsoring supervillain Nick wants results. And there are rumours circulating that he has become infatuated with his nemesis. That he's gone soft. So now they're sending in someone even worse to finish the job. Now Nick must work with them to destroy the world or he'll face dire consequences. Only he's not sure he wants to live in a world without his nemesis. In fact, the idea of this new supervillain hurting her is making him kind of. . . mad. Soon he must make a decision. Destroy the world like he's meant to. Or work with his arch nemesis to save it. And maybe even win her over in the process. . . --- An adult superhero x supervillain romance for readers who enjoy enemies to lovers, supervillains, and a hint of darkness to their stories. My Nemesis is the new story from the author of A CIRCUS OF INK, THORN, and ACCIDENTALLY SOLD TO THE DEVIL. New episodes every Friday. CW: Contains strong language, scenes of a mature nature, and a slow burn angsty romance!
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