Chaos Star by Ebony_Olson
At fourteen, Princess Zira Sallee's family was massacred by the barbarian who now rules her planet. For the last nine years, Zira has hidden with her kin in Praldia, enjoying the Cyran and Praldian ways of life. But her parents were just executed for high treason, and now it is Zira's turn to go before Prince Luther Saboa, heir to Cyra and the ruler of Praldia. Expecting to be killed like her parents, Zira is surprised to learn that is not her fate. When Zira's parents were executed, Zira, having not reached wisdom yet, instantly became the property of the throne, along with the rest of her family's land and belongings. Cyran's train for years to control their inner chaos, but Luther's desires have been years in the making, and now that they are within his grasp, he won't let them go. As Zira's official state guardian, Luther means to take full control of the exiled Avalonian princess, even if it takes him to war.
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